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Carpet Cleaning Before AfterMost people tend to neglect the cleaning of their carpets which leads to a number of unpleasant consequences. Besides darkening of the fabric, stains and odours, this leads to spreading of bacteria in the rooms.

You can use the professional cleaning services we offer to ensure the impeccable condition of your floor coverings. They need at least a few times implemented professional cleaning to be maintained, besides every week vacuum cleaning.

Use the carpet cleaning provided by our company in Brent Cross to restore those expensive items in your home. We work during the weekdays and weekends and provide the cleaning at competitive prices.

Spotless Carpet Cleaning

Your carpets will be in perfectly clean and impeccable condition of you clean them regularly and apply steam cleaning on them a few times in the year. We can offer you some of the most reliable and effective carpet cleaning services which include the following procedures:

  • Inspection of the carpets closely
  • Spreading of suitable cleaning solution which dissolves dirt and allergens
  • Steam cleaning using modern specialised machines
  • Spraying the cleaned carpets
  • Final examination of the carpet fabrics

Our Prices

Carpet Cleaning Service


  • Hallway/ Landing carpet
    from £4
  • Bedroom carpet
    from £23
  • Living/ Dining room carpet
    from £25
  • Minimum call out charge £55.

The cleaners in our company are trained and use high-grade machines, effective preparations and detergents which are specially formulated for removing odours and stains from carpets. They inspect the carpet and apply suitable spray or cleaning product to remove smears and dark spots easier.

Steam and Dry Carpet Cleaning of High Quality

Then, they steam clean the carpet with modern machines of high quality. Our staff apply more detergents if it is necessary to remove residue of stains and odours.

They deodorise the carpets which need a few hours to dry completely. The carpet cleaning services provided by our company in Brent Cross guarantee excellent results.

“ I have a favourite carpet at my house that recently got a lot of use and dirt because we had builders at home and we forgot to remove it. It looked like there was no saving it, but thankfully this company helped us. All dust and footprints were gone. We could not thank them enough. ” -Oscar

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    You can ensure the cleanliness of the carpets in your home, rented and business property using our services. They are efficient and provided at reasonable prices seven days in the week.

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    Call us to schedule the carpet cleaning you need and our company, based in Brent Cross, will carry out the work professionally and according to the customer’s demands. This will ensure the long lifespan of your floor coverings.