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Mattress Cleaning

We spend every night in our beds, seeking a soft, relaxing place where we can rest at night. We all know how important a good night’s sleep is. While most of us would spend a lot of money on special, memory foam, orthopedic, cooling and other types of mattresses, we often overlook the cleaning of those. Keep in mind that even though you have sheets to separate your body from the mattress, this is not nearly enough. When tossing and turning all night on the bed, our bodies release sweat, hairs, dead skin and other particles that get stuck in the mattress. This, along with the dust mites and other microbes that can be found on the surface of it, lead to a not so healthy environment for your resting hours. It is recommended that mattresses are cleaned at least once every few months. For this job you had better count on our professional mattress cleaning service in London. We are cleaning specialists who have plenty of experience with mattress cleaning and promise to achieve brilliant results.
We want you to trust us and rely on our help in order to improve your living conditions. That is why we hire great professionals with a lot of experience. We also make sure all our employees have gone through special training, in order to know how to clean your mattress in the best way possible. We use our own equipment and tried-and-true methods. We rid mattresses of harmful microorganisms, dust mites, stains, grime and hair. We will thoroughly clean the whole surface of your mattress, leaving it fresh, clean and disinfected. Choose our service and we will do our best to help you. Give us a call today and get a free quote.

Our mattress cleaning company in London provides the best treatments against dirt and harmful microorganisms. We use steam cleaning methods and all products and detergents we apply are not only professional, high quality ones, but also eco-friendly, biodegradable, non-toxic and pet and children friendly. They are completely safe for your family while reaching ultimate results in cleaning.

Our program consists of a few steps, including

  • Dust mite removal
  • Bacteria and germs elimination
  • Dead skin cells removal
  • Hair removal
  • Stain removal

There are several important aspects of mattress cleaning. One of them is removal of harmful microorganisms that cause allergies and other health problems. One of the most common inhabitants of mattresses are dust mites. They are tiny and invisible to the untrained eye. Our special cleaning program aims at keeping dust mites at bay. It also focuses on removing dead skin cells and dust, which mites feed on. In addition, we remove all sorts of stains using high-quality cleaning products, which are non-toxic.

We also use steam cleaning. It gets rid of dirt and grime and kills bacteria. It’s the most effective method when it comes to mattress cleaning. The whole process takes a few hours. Our effective cleaning system ensures that the items dry faster. We recommend using our mattress cleaning service in London once or twice a year in order to keep your items in the best condition and protect your family from health problems.

Using the steam cleaning method, we achieve the best results in removing all harmful particles from your mattress. It does not matter if you have some staining on your carpet – the steam cleaner will dissolve all. This is the most efficient cleaning technique for all soft surfaces. We use it to clean mattresses, carpets, upholstery, curtains and blinds and even car interiors. Do not hesitate to give us a call and receive the ultimate cleaning service. Your overall life will highly benefit from this and you can rest assured your bed will be a safe, clean place.

Here is how our steam cleaning works

  1. First we inspect the mattress ( different types of mattresses and fabrics require a different approach)
  2. Secondly we vacuum the whole surface of it, removing all dust, hairs and larger dirt particles.
  3. After, a detergent is chosen (It is very important to know the exact kind of detergent you need to use since picking the wrong one can result in damaging the mattress or at least not reaching any results) and applied to all stained areas of your mattress. The chemicals in this detergent will dissolve the stains and help them detach from the fibers of your mattress.
  4. The powerful steam cleaning machine is brought in. The amount and temperature of the steam are determined by our technicians and the whole surface is treated with it. The extremely hot steam dissolves the rest of the stains, leaving your carpets flawless.
  5. We then extract most of the moisture from your mattress in order to speed up the drying process.

We assure you that, although steam cleaning is such a specific procedure, our technicians can perform it perfectly. They work with the best professional tools and a wide range or top of the shelf detergents. By carefully picking the correct product to use, they will be able to provide perfect results without any damage to your fabric. Since not only different fabrics react differently with different chemicals, but also the wide range of dirt and stains to be found on your carpet, require a different approach. It is of crucial importance to know how to treat the certain spot in order to remove it successfully.

By choosing our company you may also receive

  • Flexible hours of working for your own convenience
  • Reasonable pricing for immaculate quality
  • Professional technicians comins straight away
  • All products and equipment included in the price
  • Full insurance of all employees and services
  • Customer service available 7 days a week
  • Honesty and no hidden charges

Do not hesitate and call our customer support agents right now. They will give you more information, answer any questions you might have and even give you a quote. We are convinced our service is the best pick. Make sure to use our company to rid your mattress of mites and dirt. We are there for you.

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