Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning LondonIf you need professional cleaning of the carpets in your home, commercial or rented property, you can use our services. The carpet cleaning which we provide removes stains, unpleasant odours, dust, allergens, hairs and other pollutants. Our staff is professionally trained and have the necessary skills and knowledge to sanitise all kinds of carpets. They won’t leave any damage to the fabric of your carpets. We offer dry, steam, vacuum cleaning and effective stain and odour removal. Our company is located in London where we provide our professional carpet cleaning services.

Your carpets are an irreplaceable part of your home. However, they are subjected to all kinds of damage, staining and pollution at all times. It is a tough job to properly clean a carpet, once it has been deeply stained, especially by yourself. Back in the day, people would replace their carpets as soon as they would get dirty, not even thinking about the possibility of cleaning them. In the best case scenario, bringing your carpets to the car wash to treat with soap and water would be the solution. We would like you to leave those times behind and feel welcome to the new era of carpet cleaning. In the past several years, carpet cleaning has gained popularity and is now convenient and available to anyone. Carpets are cleaned without being moved, in your home, for your convenience. Let us take care of your soiled carpets and restore them back to their original bright colours.

The reason why professional carpet cleaning is needed is because there are specific requirements in the process. For example, vacuuming your carpet weekly would not be enough to clean it properly and remove any stains from it. Also, different carpets are made of different materials. That means that each fabric requires a specific approach and method. Using the wrong product can damage your carpet permanently. This is because each material reacts differently to certain chemicals. On top of all this, special tools and professional shampoos are required in order to achieve perfect cleaning results. That being said, you must now understand why we offer this service at affordable prices. Simply, one is not able to properly maintain the cleanliness of their carpet at home.

The carpet cleaning which we offer ensures

  • Deeply cleansed carpets which look good and smell nice
  • Full stain removal
  • Effective odour removal
  • Longer life and better condition of your carpets
  • Deodorised and refreshed carpets
  • Extraction of the dirt, grime, dust mites and microbes from the carpet fabric

The carpet cleaning which we offer starts with initial testing of the carpet. This helps the cleaners choose the most suitable procedures to apply on the carpet that won’t cause shrinkage, stretching or colour change. Depending on its type, our staff will either dry or steam clean it.

Here is how our steam cleaning works

  1. First we inspect the carpet and its fabric ( different types of materials and fabrics require a different approach)
  2. Secondly we vacuum the whole surface of it, removing all dust, hairs and larger dirt particles.
  3. After, a detergent is chosen (It is very important to know the exact kind of detergent you need to use since picking the wrong one can result in damaging the carpet or at least not reaching any results) and applied to all stained areas of your rug. The chemicals in this detergent will dissolve the stains and help them detach from the fibres of your carpet
  4. The powerful steam cleaning machine is brought in. The amount and temperature of the steam are determined by our technicians and the whole surface is treated with it. The extremely hot steam dissolves the rest of the stains, leaving your rugs and carpets flawless.
  5. We then extract most of the moisture from your carpet in order to speed up the drying process.

Dry Cleaning of Carpets is a fairly new method. It is usually used for more delicate or not so heavily-stained fabrics. The process takes a bit longer but it benefits from the fact that you don’t have to wait for your carpets to dry after.

  1. After inspecting your carpet, the technicians will determine the fabric of it and the method that would work best for it.
  2. Thorough vacuuming of the whole surface is required, since small dirt particles or dust might dissolve later in the process and cause further staining.
  3. The dry cleaning solution of choice is applied to the whole surface of your carpet (foam or powder). This product reacts to the fat and grease, found in the stains. Dissolving them helps with the stain removal process since they are the components that make the stain stick to your carpet fibres. The solution is left on for a couple of hours.
  4. After, the detergent is removed along with the stains, using a rotary machine with cotton pads placed on the bottom. This technique provides perfect results in removing stains and soiling.

Rug CleaningWe offer Scotchgard protection for your carpets in order to protect them from permanent stains, wear and tear damage and prolong their life in general.

We suggest you have all carpets and upholstery cleaned professionally two times per year to remove the grime which is stuck deep in their fabric. We offer dry and steam cleaning procedures which are suitable for all kinds of carpets. They extract the dust and grime effectively and cleanse the carpets well.

Here are some tips and tricks that our carpet cleaning technicians would like to share with you. Following these will help you maintain your carpets cleaner for longer and prolong their life.

  1. Vacuum your carpets weekly ( at least) This will prevent all dust and grime from building up on your carpets. It will also prevent health issues such as asthma, skin irritations and allergies from occurring. Vacuuming your carpets regularly will not remove any stains or bad odours but will keep them cleaner, fresher and prolong their life.
  2. Do not attempt stain removal by yourself. As we mentioned before, knowing the correct methods and detergents is crucial to the carpet cleaning process. Do not try every home remedy you see on the internet. Using a certain product may not only damage the surface of your carpet but also react with the stain and cause it to become permanent.
  3. After cleaning your carpet, our technicians will provide you with a special solution, chosen specifically for your carpet type. You can use this whenever a stain occurs. It might not remove it completely but will help with the cleaning process in the future and will prevent the stain from setting in permanently.

By choosing our company you may also receive

  • Flexible hours of working for your own convenience
  • Reasonable pricing for immaculate quality
  • Professional technicians comins straight away
  • All products and equipment included in the price
  • Full insurance of all employees and services
  • Customer service available 7 days a week
  • Honesty and no hidden charges

Do not hesitate and call our customer support agents right now. They will give you more information, answer any questions you might have and even give you a quote. We are convinced our service is the best pick. Make sure to use our company to rid your carpets of mites and dirt. We are there for you.

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