Carpet Cleaning Enfield EN1

Carpet Cleaning Before AfterYou can restore the nice appearance and the bright colours of your soft floor coverings using our professional services.

The carpet cleaning which we offer in and around Enfield ensures removal of stubborn smears, odours, dirt, allergens and grime. Our cleaning technicians carry out close inspection, hoovering of the carpet, spraying stained areas and odours.

They provide hot water extraction with powerful specialised machines which ensure effective and deep disinfection of the fabric. Then, our staff shampoo and deodorise the carpet and leave it to dry. They remove residue left from stains using more effective preparations to make the carpets refreshed and perfectly clean.

Effective carpet cleaning services in Enfield

You can use the professional and effective carpet cleaning services which are provided by our company in Enfield to maintain your floor coverings in good condition. Our staff first check the fabric and choose the proper detergents and equipment for cleaning it. They hover the carpet and apply effective sprays or detergents on stains, darkened areas and odours.

Our Prices

Carpet Cleaning Service


  • Hallway/ Landing carpet
    from £4
  • Bedroom carpet
    from £23
  • Living/ Dining room carpet
    from £25
  • Minimum call out charge £55.

The actual cleaning is implemented with the help of powerful steam cleaning machines which extract dust mites, allergens and grime disinfecting the fabric. The cleaning is completed with shampooing, deodorising and leaving the carpet to dry. The results are visible and improve the indoor air in the room.

Impeccable and affordable carpet cleaning

You can use the affordable and efficient cleaning services we offer to ensure the hygienic and impeccable condition of your floor coverings. Our company offers highly professional deep carpet cleaning in the EN1 territory and in the surrounding areas.

The work of our cleaners is effective thanks to their vast experience, skills and the high-grade equipment they use.

“We moved into a new house the carpets in the rooms weren’t in very clean condition so, we decided to use professional cleaning services. The work of the technicians who were sent to our address was excellent and the carpets in the lounge, kitchen and bedroom was sanitised very effectively. Thanks for the qualitative work.” – Louie

We provide inspection, moving of the furniture, spraying of stains, hoovering, steam cleaning, shampooing and refreshing. The carpets in your home, office, hotel, rented flat and other kind of property will be sanitised well and look like new.

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    You can leave you expensive carpets to our cleaning technicians to sanitise them and restore the bright colours they used to have. The cleaning procedures which they carry out are chosen according to the condition and type of the fabric of each carpet. Our staff provide hoovering, spot and odour removal, hot water extraction, shampooing and deodorising.

    Finchley, Fulham, Golders Green, Woolwich, Greenwich, Hammersmith

    The cleaning we provide includes removal of smears from beverages, nail polish, foods and chemicals, odour eliminating, deep sanitising and refreshing. Our carpet cleaning services are available in EN1 Enfield during all days of the week. Get in touch with us to schedule the cleaning.